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BIM 360 | Approvals Workflow | Free Course

BIM 360 | Approvals Workflow | Free Course

About this course
As a Document Manager, you need to distribute project drawings, models, and documents for review and approval, before construction can begin.
With BIM 360 you can standardize on an approval process that enables document managers to facilitate, control, and automate the distribution of documents to project members.
This Approvals Workflow course covers:
Setting up an Approval Workflow Template (Project Administrator task)
Approval Workflow roles: Initiators, Reviewers, and Approvers
Initiating a Document Review
Completing a Document Review
Approving Documents

Course Overview

Introduction to the Approvals Workflow (1:22)
Create your Approval Workflow (3:27)
Initiate a Review (1:58)
Complete an Initial Review (2:32)
Complete a Final Review (2:04)


PDF Workflow Guide and Links