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BIM 360 |Design Collaboration| Free Course

BIM 360 |Design Collaboration| Free Course 


About this course

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Create packages with sets, sheets, and 3D views to share with other teams. Explore the work of other teams, compare changes between packages, and choose when to consume updates into your environment.

You'll learn how to:

  • Add teams (Project Admin)
  • Manage team members (Project Admin)
  • Deactivate teams (Project Admin)
  • Collaborate and publish with Revit
  • Explore the team space and the package timeline
  • Create, explore, and consume packages
  • Compare changes between packages


Project Admin - Manage Teams and Members

Add Teams (0:47)
Manage Team Members (0:36)
Deactivate Teams (0:31)

Revit Cloud Worksharing

Collaborate and Publish Revit Models (1:29)

Explore Team Space and Package Timeline

Explore Team Space (0:28)
Explore Package Timeline (0:26)

Work with Packages

Create Package (0:30)

Explore and Consume Packages (0:30)
Compare Changes (0:32)

Knowledge Check

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